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EUROLITE ESN 16x64 3mm LED piros.zöld.sárga színes szövegkiíró tábla 80500111

/ Azonosító: 17410

bruttó 112.410 Ft

  • Large-scale information board for indoors and protected areas

  • Ideal for welcome, announcements, special evetns, orientation etc.

  • With 3-mm-LEDs for ideal readability from up to 15 meters distance

  • Color and background color freely selectable via red/green/yellow LEDs

  • High resolution with 33 mm character height per display line

  • Double-line display with up to 10 visible characters per line

  • 93 standard characters (letters/numbers) capitalized/small letters, symbols and language specific characters

  • 14 fonts, 13 more fonts can be imported

  • Fonts-manager for selecting different fonts, font sizes, letter cutting (bold) and for completely redesigning fonts

  • Flash adjustable for emphasizing the message

  • 50 different display effects (e. g. scroll up) freely selectable for In Mode and Out Mode

  • 6 different speeds adjustable

  • Display time of the message adjustable between 0 and 60 seconds

  • Playlists of individual messages programmable

  • With Timer-function (operation intervals and ignore times freely programmable)

  • Permanent Flash-memory with 1 GB capacity

  • Operation only via software

  • Installation clamps and wall mounting included in the delivery

  • Software-CD included in the delivery for comfortable programming

  • Time display in different formats (24 h, 12 h AM/PM, seconds, time zone)

  • Date in differnt styles (DD.MM.YYYY, US/UK or MM.DD.YYYY)

  • Selection of year, month or day of the week in letters or numbers

  • Freely programmable graphic-patterns via Picture Manager

  • Net Manager for operating several Moving Messages

  • Interfaces via RS232 (serial) or Ethernet (TCP/IP-protocol)

  • RS232-connection via RJ11 plug and 9-pin SUB-D socket

  • 10 m data-cable for RS232-connection included in the delivery

  • RS232-connection extendable to max. 20 m (optional)

  • IP-address for Ethernet-control freely programmable

  • Minimum system-requirements): CPU 500 MHz or higher, VGA-card with small font, 128 MB memory, 10 MB of free hard disc space, CD-Rom drive, free COM-port or Ethernet-port, Windows 9X or higher, mouse, monitor refresh rate 60 Hz or higher

Power supply: 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz ~
via 5-6 V DC, 1-5 A power-unit included in the delivery
Power consumption: 25 W
Display: 3-mm Tri-Color LED-modules
Resolution: 2 lines, 10 visible characters
Display-colors: 8 colors, 4 background colors
Display-matrix (HxW): 16 x 64
Display-area (HxW): 76 x 305 mm
Character height: 33 mm
Readability distance: approx. 15 m
Memory-type: Flash, permanent
Memory-capacity: 186000 characters (1 MB)
No. of messages: 93 with 2000 characters
Fonts: 14
Symbols: 120
Interfaces: RS232, RS485, Ethernet TCP/IP
Max. cable-length: 20 m (RS232)
Dimensions: 122 x 361 x 50 mm
Weight: 2 kg

Megtekintve: 326


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